"Bitch can't see you but I do."

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I feel like this moment is actually really important. Look at Alison’s face. Look at her eyes. She was just buried alive by her own mother. You’d think she would look scared or have some sort of emotion. But no. She looks so empty. She looks so numb. I don’t think Alison was taught how to love or how to feel any real emotion. I don’t think she understood how because her family didn’t show her that they loved her. And then her mother buries her alive and leaves her there. I know it’s just a show and most of this stuff might not happen to real people, but this is a 15 year old Alison DiLaurentis. She was fucking 15 years old and she got buried alive by her mother. And I’m not excusing Alison’s actions because of this, she was a horrible person. But she’s been punished thoroughly for her actions. She got tormented by A, hit in the head with a rock, buried alive by her own mother, encouraged by Mona to leave everything behind. She’s been living in fear for the past 2 or 3 years, jumping at every little sound because she thinks A has come to finish what they started. I feel bad for her. I think she deserves another chance to prove herself. I don’t even know where I was going with this.. I just wanted to get that out.

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Melissa’s Death and Black Veil Identity - Follower Submission

Hello! I want to clarify that since English is not my native language, my text may contain some grammatical errors. Sorry!

Well, there are several clues that make me believe Melissa is the one who’s going to die in the episode 11 or 12 of this season. First hint: on June 25, Joseph Dougherty posted on Twitter a photo of Spencer’s bedroom blocked off with crime scene tape:

I think caution in Spencer's bedroom is always a good idea.

Please keep in mind what he wrote for the photo caption: “I think caution in Spencer’s bedroom is always a good idea.” Why does he think it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when it comes to Spencer? I think it’s something we should remember. Because of that photo, I presume that the person who will be forced to take a lie detector test in S05E12 is Spencer.

We all know that Melissa’s secret is going to be revealed in episode S05E11. The title of that episode is “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me” which are the lyrics from a 1926 song titled “Bye Bye Blackbird.” Coincidentally, one month ago Troian Bellisario (Spencer) captioned a photo of Torrey DeVitto (Melissa) on Instagram with what it seemed to be a farewell message for Torrey. Note the first sentence is written in past tense?

To me, it’s so obvious that Melissa is going to die in the summer finale (the 12th episode’s title is “Taking This One to the Grave”) after her secret is revealed, and because of this, I believe Uber A/Black Veil will kill her. Don’t know why some fans keep believing Melissa is a genuine and true member of the A-Team. In S04E04, she confesses to Spencer that she joined the A-Team to protect her. In such episode, A even sent a message to Spencer and Aria: “Melissa’s guilty of plenty, but she’s not ‘A’ material. Kisses.”

Although she could be working with Mona, I’m sure she’s just protecting Spencer, as Toby did when he joined the A-Team. They both were double agents in order to protect Spencer. Why doesn’t that happen to the other Liars? What has Spencer done to have two people defending her? Why does she need to be protected? Remember what JD said about her! What does the “You know me, Spencer. You killed me” text in S04E23 even means? These are the questions we should be asking. And speaking of teams…

Two Teams?

I think there are two teams now. One is The Black Veil team but since I don’t believe Mona is still her employee, I assume the other team is the Alliance/The B team (now called Mona’s Army) which is formed by Mona, Jenna, Sydney, Melissa, Lucas, possibly Noel, and others. Until the day of her death, Shana was a former member, too. We’ve seen the first three girls I cited met in S05E05. Since Melissa isn’t present in that meeting, I think the third car pulling up is Melissa’s. Here’s a photo of the girls turning to look at the third car:

To this team, I think it’s all about seeking revenge against Alison. Actress Tammin Sursok (Jenna) said Jenna has a “vendetta against a few people. It’s a bit of both: being vulnerable and being vengeful.” Janel Parrish (Mona) also indicated that she (Mona) “is not happy Alison is back and is not going to be shy about it.” Evidently, these girls share something in common: all were hurt by Ali and are now ready to take revenge against her for what she did. 

I’m not saying Mona’s Army isn’t fearsome and capable of doing bad things (they certainly are!) but I don’t think they’re as dangerous and terrible as Black Veil. Why do I think Mona is not working with Black Veil? As Marlene has said, “Mona was A in the pilot. She was and will always be ORIGINAL A. The question is “Who stole the game from her?”

In S04E22, Mona told Emily that she thinks Ezra thinks he knows who stole the game from her at Radley.” Remember A’s message in S03E01, “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts”? (By the way, who’s the one who literally ‘plays’ with body parts? Yes, Wren Kingston, the only doctor in the show.) Also in S03E16, Mona said, “They need to understand that she’s in charge.” I assume Mona is referring to Black Veil/Uber A. In the last episode of Season 3, all the Liars and Mona received a text from A saying “You’re mine now. Kisses.” Obviously, Black Veil tends to sign “kisses.” In the S05E07, Aria, Spencer, and Emily got a text (“New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets. Maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth”) because of what Hanna told Sydney.  Aria said it was from A but it wasn’t actually signed A, wasn’t it? Since Sydney is working with Mona, I believe Mona was the one who sent that text. She still might be called “A” but remember who’s going to be the main antagonist for this season: Black Veil, and Black Veil is “PLL engame” which leads us to…

The True Identity of The Black Widow/Black Veil

People who have attended Wilden’s funeral are in the list of the eliminated suspects, and we have: 1) The Liars, 2) Mona Vanderwaal, 3) Jena Marshall, 4) Maggie Cutler, and 5) the deceased women, Jessica DiLaurentis and Shana Fring. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, according to what Marlene said on Twitter, Black Veil is a character we already know, AND that we have seen her without her costume before. Some people have said it might be the “someone’s twin sister” but Marlene confirmed we know this person so the “twin sister” theory might not be correct. Other people have said Black Veil could be the girl from the Pavilion in S04E20. However, I don’t think we know who really is this girl, and honestly, I would be pissed if this person happens to be the twin sister and ultimately, the Black Widow. But yeah, it could be Jason’s twin sister, or CeCe’s twin, or whoever’s twin sister! We can eliminate people as Sydney Driscoll, Meredith Sorenson, and Cece Drake. Not even Wren Kingston.

PS. I wonder if the film The Bride Wore Black has something to do with the Black Widow. The film is directed by François Truffaut. And speaking of Truffaut, take a look at the tweet posted by Joseph Dougherty a month ago, and what he told about some films seen in the show. 

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xxinfiniteandbeyond’s Submission
so i have a theory, so they said were gonna find out the truth about “the Jenna Thing” so what if someone else was in garage with Jenna, when the girls set it on fire or whatever? Bc if u remember A had a mask with a half burnt face, maybe its a clue? plus in one Bethany’s drawing it was of a blonde girl and it almost looked like the face was burnt. Could possibly be girl behind the blurred window with Mona? Or Jenna knows more?
xxinfiniteandbeyond’s Submission

so i have a theory, so they said were gonna find out the truth about “the Jenna Thing” so what if someone else was in garage with Jenna, when the girls set it on fire or whatever? Bc if u remember A had a mask with a half burnt face, maybe its a clue? plus in one Bethany’s drawing it was of a blonde girl and it almost looked like the face was burnt. Could possibly be girl behind the blurred window with Mona? Or Jenna knows more?

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Anonymous asked: forgot to add this to my Sydney theory, someone with access to the lock had to put the rat in the locker, Sydney's a swimmer. I think she got the rat from Melissa who gave it to Mona to give to Sydney, since we all know Mona and Melissa are in cahoots, and Mona gave Paige a warning.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone with access to the lock because A could have paid a random person to put the art in Paige’s locker. I think either Noel or Lucas did it because Mona pretty much told Emily in school that it was a boy. Then later Mona tells Emily she didn’t do it. So I’m guessing Mona knows who did it but she didn’t tell them to do it.

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Anonymous asked: i definitely think Sydney was the one that attacked Ali at her home, the way she tugged at Ali's scarf was very creepy. I also think she was the one that put the rat in Paige's locker, and we all know Hanna told her about New York, and all of a sudden they get an A message about Hanna's big mouth.

Yeah I also think Sydney is the one that attacked Alison too. My friend did a theory on it. If you want to read her theory you can find it here:

I think either Lucas or Noel put the art in Paige’s locker because Mona said “A dead rat, that has boy written all over it.” So we know it was a boy and most likely it’s a person in her army. Noel supposedly isn’t in her army because he is helping Alison and on her side but we know Shana lied about being on Ali’s side and was on the A team. Noel could easily be doing the same thing.

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Anonymous asked: I love yours and analyzinga's blogs your both da bomb

Thank you! :)

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Anonymous asked: What if Jason is A, because Ali got him written out of the will. CeCe broke up with him the day after Ali went missing because she had some idea but not 100% sure he was her A. And maybe Ali told her grandma that Jason was not her biological grandson or that he spent his money on pot or whatever but she got him off the will. Next maybe Bethany was the Ali of the Nat club and tried to help Jason but he was drunk that night and got the girls mixed up.

-Amazing theory! ;)