"Bitch can't see you but I do."

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Anonymous asked: I feel it's important to remember when Jessica was mad at Ali for CeCe pretending to be ali in radly. Jeasica said their friendship was toxic, and Ali replied so are a lot of things. Then means said " I can't be held accountable for what happens". So maybe in a for of rage Jessica hurt Ali. And quickly regretted it.

Yes that could be how Alison got her scar! (:

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Anonymous asked: The police news conference reference radly hospital not radly sanitarium. Are they the same place? Because where I live the pavilion has the same name as the hospital but like one is northwest hospital and the other is northwest pavilion. Hmmmm

I think there the same place but you could be right! You never know with this show. (:

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Anonymous asked: At the end of the episode when we saw black veil do you think they were using some random person like they do whith members of the A team or since she is the twin sister maybe they are using the actress who plays the character with a twin ?

I don’t believe they used a random person. I think they are using the person that is actually going to be revealed as The Lady in Black. It would be really unfair if they did that because everyone is trying to match her body figure to other people on the show.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Dianne Fitzgerald has ever been involved in the A team? I'd love to see her return and Aria stand up for herself!

No I don’t think she has ever been on the A team because she was only in a few episodes and the actress who plays her is now on Chasing Life (Anew show on ABC Family). I guess she could come back in season 6 or something but I don’t know. I just feel it would be kind of weird for a person that was only in like 4 episodes to be A or on the A team.

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